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The How SwingDev scaled their international team across Brazil with Olby's article
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How SwingDev scaled their international team across Brazil with Olby

SwingDev is a software development consultancy from California/US that helps promising companies grow. They partner with firms worldwide to build incredible products, giving them a cornerstone for commercial success.

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For nearly a decade, SwingDev has been providing the highest quality services for tech companies at different stages – from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 enterprises – by helping them with engineering, product design, and development. 

Olby was responsible for building and scaling SwingDev's Brazilian full-time dedicated team of engineers, designers, and product managers. Our partnership helped SwingDev scale its team in Brazil efficiently and deliver products to top companies from Silicon Valley and other key US cities.

Our long-lasting relationship

Our partnership started in 2018 when SwingDev needed a team of engineers in a similar time zone to the US to extend their teams across the US, Poland, and South Africa, helping them to handle their fast-growing demand for product development. Our team onboarded quickly and added immediate impact leading the development of a Real Estate product from the Bay area. From there, SwingDev scaled their team on demand to handle multiple projects simultaneously, with the flexibility of ramping down when needed. 

Olby connected with SwingDev quickly as both companies share the cultural values that push their teams forward both personally and professionally. We built our relationship on 100% transparency from day one, and Olby ensured SwingDev had the right talent for each project whenever they needed extra capacity.


SwingDev's customers need to rely on a set of technologies to achieve high-level quality for each unique product. Therefore, our teams worked on multiple products using React, Javascript, TypeScript, Node.js, GraphQL, Python, Django, Android, Kotlin, iOS, and Swift, to name a few.  


"Olby has been an incredibly valuable partner for SwingDev and our customers. We proudly added their address on our website as our Brazilian office – really. They've helped us keep the boutique approach that allows us to be 100% committed to each of our projects and help to build products that truly make a change." 
Jo Overline, CEO