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We were born to reduce intercultural barriers and to promote thriving work relationships.

Olby fosters connections between Brazilian talent and international companies, boosting global tech careers.


We are Olby

Even though the sky appears to have an unlimited number of stars, the night sky is not uniformly bright: this is the Olbers’ paradox. The only explanation to solve it is the universe is in movement, expanding, with incredible energy, pulsating continuously.

Olbers’ paradox led to the non-static universe theory. From his name, Olby was created. And just like the universe, we are in constant movement — expanding and discovering the space that goes beyond what is known today.

A universe in expansion


We started as a software development company called Jungle Devs creating digital products with Silicon Valley and NY-based startups. Since day one what set us apart was our mentored-based program for training and upskilling new talent that allowed us to boost our talent careers while delivering value to global companies.


By focusing on delivering best-in-class software, we organically grew our partner companies' network in the US, and then Canada, the UK, Australia, Poland, and South Africa.


We have already trained over 100 developers to work on international projects with globally distributed teams.


We understood that we have had great processes to guide developers on their path to success while working with global companies. However, Brazil's talent pool was much bigger than our initial focus, with many talented individuals looking for such opportunities. We were then acquired by Trybe who partnered with our vision to expand our horizons.


On a small scale, we opened up our community and validated a new company model with a selected group of clients. Later on, as Olby, we officially launched our community and dove into this new vision. For talent, we are building a journey that starts with an opportunity and evolves into a career booster. For companies, we're allowing them to do more with engaged talent from Brazil, while we take care of all the hustle.

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