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How Pythonic Crafted the Perfect Tech Team with Olby's Expertise

Pythonic Corporation specializes in developing and applying advanced natural language and computer vision models, primarily focusing on the title insurance industry. Recognizing the unique needs of Pythonic's tech division, Olby sourced and selected highly skilled software developers - a precise match of skills and culture that laid a solid foundation for Pythonic's global team.

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When it comes to finding AI solutions to automate labor-intensive tasks in the title insurance and real estate industry, you don’t need to look any further; turn to Pythonic Corporation. The company excels in providing software, cloud solutions, and applied machine learning services; And their intelligent document processing technology automatically reads and processes data, providing faster turnaround times with human-level accuracy for data outputs. Their flagship product, "TitleGPT," sets the company apart by seamlessly processing scanned documents and PDFs, offering unparalleled machine understanding for title and escrow documents.

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly popular, Pythonic Corporation's ascent to success is not only due to its groundbreaking and assertive digital solutions but also the result of a strategic talent acquisition. Through the partnership with Olby, the recruiting and selection processes of the right software developers for Pythonic's global team were precise, contributing significantly to the company's growth and proficiency in tech. And that's what we'll explore in this case study.

The Right Talent, Right on Time

Olby's expertise in identifying and recruiting top-tier talent proved crucial for Pythonic Corporation to expand its technology team, currently containing 5 software engineers and 3 Quality Assurance engineers. Recognizing the unique needs of Pythonic's tech division, Olby sourced and selected three highly skilled Brazilian software developers. The precise matching of skills and culture fit laid a solid foundation for Pythonic's global team, positioning them for innovation and growth.

 "We knew what we needed, and Olby was able to deliver: finding the right people for us to work with directly."

Baoqiang Cao, Co-Founder and CTO

Our strategic recruitment effort was not just about filling roles. Instead, it was about finding professionals who could seamlessly integrate into Pythonic's global team and contribute to the company's mission of revolutionizing the title insurance industry with AI. The collaborative efforts between Olby and Pythonic ensured a smooth integration process, fostering a cohesive team dynamic. The developers not only met the technical requirements but also aligned with the company's culture and values, enhancing overall teamwork and productivity.

"The team is small but very mature and integrated. When Olby introduced me to the position, it was a very well-made match because it was an opportunity that aligned perfectly with my experience".

Arthur Landim Costa, Software Engineer

Compliance, Legal Support, and Streamlined Operations

Pythonic Corporation's journey with Olby goes beyond traditional recruitment services: we are also the assurance that Pythonic remains in compliance with Brazilian local hiring regulations, allowing the company to focus on its core mission without the burden of navigating complex legal landscapes.

"Olby helps us manage legal requirements and labor laws, ensuring that we are on call and in compliance with local law, and that's very good."

- Baoqiang Cao, Co-Founder and CTO

Beyond the legal support, Olby's also took charge of the financial facilitation between the company and the talent - a service tailored to Pythonic's specific needs. From assisting with equipment deliveries to managing reimbursement schemes, Olby deals with bureaucratic processes, while Pythonic directs its energy toward maximizing the potential of its acquired tech talent.

The collaborative success of Pythonic Corporation and Olby showcases the impact of strategic talent acquisition. With Olby's support, Pythonic found the right individuals and established a seamless integration of global tech talent into their operations.