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How Dvora Life uses Olby to hire and manage global talent

Dvora Life is a Real Estate company that showcases a portfolio of over 20 luxury properties across New Jersey and New York. Their platform provides a complete residential experience for members in multifamily buildings and offers property management tools for landlords. With a global vision for hiring and expansion, Dvora Life partnered with Olby to enhance their Engineering team, transforming their innovative concepts into great digital products.

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In the ever-growing landscape of real estate and property management, Dvora Life stands out as a hub of innovation and customer-centric solutions. With a portfolio of over 20 luxury properties spanning New Jersey and New York, the company has not only redefined the real estate experience but has also embarked on a journey of global hiring and expansion. In this case study, let's delve into how Olby was crucial in revolutionizing Dvora Life's growth and technological advancements.

The Beginning: Transforming Real Estate with Technology

Dvora Life's commitment to offering premium customer service led the company to create a desktop marketplace connecting service providers with renters, streamlining the lives of both parties.

After the success of this first initiative, the company's tech team, under the guidance of CPO Jonny Miller, decided to develop a mobile version of the marketplace, and also to create a spinoff entity to offer similar products to other businesses.

The company has always had ambitious plans to expand its team on a global scale, and through a recommendation from a friend, Jonny Miller saw Olby as a potential tech partner. Our good reputation for assembling high-performing international engineering teams made them initially hire us to update tools in Dvora's marketplace. Still, our impact was evident, leading to the subsequent collaboration that included creating new features, ensuring the security of updates, and making their digital products thrive through different technologies.

 "It takes a lot of effort to find someone suitable [for the tech team], and working with Olby saves me a lot of time. We are happy with the people we hired so far."

Jonny Miller, CPO at Dvora.

Dynamic Solutions for Varied Audiences

The global nature of Dvora Life's teams brings together diverse talent from Colombia, Venezuela, Israel, the United States, and Brazil - all the Brazilian people coming from Olby. This diversity is not just a checkbox; it's a strategic advantage. André Peres, a Java Software Engineer, highlights, "The Olby ecosystem provides support for those seeking international experience. Even though my contract is with Dvora, I have Olby's support for my growth, and having access to the engagement manager means I can find solutions to whatever I need."

Dvora Life's multifaceted projects require a quick and dynamic approach. At the heart of Olby's collaboration with Dvora Life lies a rich pool of highly talented software engineers, each specializing in critical areas such as Java, Ruby, Angular, and other technologies. These engineers, meticulously selected for their expertise, operate within agile sprint methodologies, ensuring that their contributions are not only timely but also aligned with the fast-paced demands of Dvora's tech approach. 

Today, Olby's engineers work across different teams and projects, ensuring that the technology behind Dvora's offerings is not just up-to-date but also pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Continued Support and Follow-up: Beyond Just Talent Placement

Olby's commitment goes beyond providing talent; it involves continuous support and follow-up. Jonny Miller notes, "Olby is one of the most serious companies I work with in terms of not just giving us the talent and then disappearing. Olby tries to follow up to understand the talent's feelings, performance, and motivation. These are good and positive things."

 "Without Olby, I wouldn't be here. Olby was the bridge between me and Dvora, and the team's support has been sensational. When I had problems, they were speedy to resolve."

Anderson Alves, Mobile iOS Software Engineer

In conclusion, the partnership between Dvora Life and Olby has not only streamlined the company's existing processes but has also been instrumental in venturing into new territories. As Dvora continues to thrive and expand globally, Olby remains a trusted ally, contributing not just talent but a commitment to excellence and innovation.