The 8 reasons to start your global career at Olby's article

8 reasons to start your global career at Olby

You have the skills and the experience, and now it's time to start a global remote career. You can find international remote jobs on your own, but it can also be challenging and require significant planning and preparation. If you're here, you probably already know that, and now it's wondering if Olby is worth your time. And you bet we are!

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At Olby, we believe in building strong partnerships that support our clients and talent every step of the way. We connect Brazilian tech talent with US companies, but our support continues beyond there. From connecting with the right opportunity to offering ongoing support, Olby is dedicated to fostering true partnerships that last. We are committed to providing international job opportunities and access to a talented community to exchange knowledge and learning.

What makes Olby the best partner for your global career? 

Olby is the best option for anyone looking to take their career to the next level. These are what set us apart:

1. Financial transparency

One of the most important aspects of any job is knowing that you're fairly compensated for your work. Olby is committed to financial transparency, meaning that you'll always know exactly how much you're earning and how it's calculated. This level of transparency builds trust and helps ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. Keep 100% of what you earn

You'll keep 100% of your earnings at Olby with no fine prints or asterisks. In addition, you won't pay any fees for being part of our community. This allows you to maximize your earning potential and feel confident that you're fairly compensated.

3. Full control of your experience

Everyone has different needs and preferences regarding work, which is why we give you complete control of your experience. You'll have the flexibility to schedule, work from anywhere, and choose projects that interest you. You will tailor your experience to your individual needs, making your time with us as enjoyable and productive as possible.

4. Interview practices

At Olby, we provide you with training sessions for interviews to boost your chances of success during an international selective process. The practices are designed to help you prepare for small talk, answer common and specific questions, and ask the right questions.

5. Profile review

We understand the importance of having a solid resume, which is why we offer profile reviews to our talent. Our team of experts will review your Olby profile to ensure it accurately reflects your skills and experience. This will help you stand out to potential employers and increase your chances of landing your global career.

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6. Long-term, meaningful work

Work should be more than just a paycheck. That's why we strive to find you meaningful work that allows you to make a positive impact in your field. In addition, finding longer contracts is a great way to help you build a substantial professional reputation. It will provide you with financial stability and the opportunity to focus on developing your skills and building your network.

7. Career boost

You'll gain access to a wide range of professional development opportunities at Olby, including Learning Content, Courses, Events, and more. At Olby, you will have the chance to work on exciting projects and receive support from our community. With us, you'll have the opportunity to gain new skills, build your portfolio, and make valuable connections.

8. High flexibility

Finally, Olby offers high flexibility, allowing you to balance work and personal life in a way that works for you. Whether you need to adjust your schedule to care for a loved one or take time for personal pursuits, we understand and support you. This level of flexibility helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance and allows you to be your best.

It's your turn to become an Olber!

Olby makes finding international remote jobs straightforward, so let us find you the perfect opportunity. You'll receive continuous support and have access to resources for preparing and submitting job applications. Our team can help you understand the international job market and make it easier to find opportunities that match your skills. 

Creating connections and building relationships are at the heart of what we do at Olby. That's why the benefits of working with us are numerous and designed to help you succeed in your global career. At Olby, we are more than just a platform; we are partners in your success. 

With financial transparency, you can always be assured that you will keep 100% of your earnings. You have complete control over your experience. On top of that, our interview practices and profile reviews are designed to help you make the best impression possible.

Our focus on long-term, meaningful work will allow you to build a career you can be proud of. So if you're looking for an opportunity to take your career to the next level, it’s time to join Olby today.